Policies and Rules (Boring, we know)

Here at The Local Salon we say YES to almost everything…but at times we have to lay down the law. So here are a few points of interest:

Appointments 2 hours or longer require a $100 deposit. 1 hour appointments require a $50 deposit. YOU WILL ONLY BE CHARGED IF you fail to cancel your appointment within 48 hours of the scheduled time. No shows are considered cancellations and you WILL BE CHARGED. Do not "ghost" your stylist. Many of our stylists book out weeks in advance so when you cancel last minute or do not show up, they make zero dollars. Email is not an acceptable form of cancellation, you must call the receptionist. As you can see we are really serious about this, please be courteous and we will return the favor. 

Each person's hair is unique as are our services. Services are not a "one size fits all" so pricing can vary due to hair thickness, length, product used and time spent. Prices are "starting at" so if you have questions about how much your hair will cost please book a short consultation with your stylist before booking your actual appointment so they can answer all of your questions.

There are NO REFUNDS for services. We will gladly adjust your hair if you are not completely satisfied and do everything on the planet to make you feel wonderful… but no refunds. 

Any “re-do” requests must be made within 5 days from the time of the original appointment.  

No refunds or exchanges on retail products.

Although we use some “Organic” and extremely naturally derived products some people still have allergic reactions so please inform your stylist so we can avoid any sticky situations.

We love kids. Little known fact… we all used to be kids. However we are not a kids kinda salon. We politely ask that you leave them all safe and cozy at home. A lot of our clients are at the salon to relax and get away from it all. The salon is a totally boring place with a lot of dangerous pointy things and chemicals so find them something fun to do instead of reading last weeks People Magazine and getting in trouble for running around.  

Be nice. Seriously. We totally like kind people. We will treat you with respect and perhaps crack a few jokes so we hope you will too. This is supposed to be fun… and it will be.

THank you for Reading!