The Local Salon just celebrated its 1 year anniversary in our new home in beautiful Burbank, California! Although we miss NoHo and the feeling of community, we are finding the numerous benefits of our new salon home (air conditioning when it is 118 degrees outside and abundant, free parking for example).
Rosie Fiore (owner and creator of The Local) and Amy Edwards (from a line of hair stylist royalty) ARE The Local Salon. Both have been doing hair for over 25 years and have a deep love and connection with the art of hairstyling. After witnessing all the trends throughout the years, we have great appreciation for the history of hair and fashion, but we also do not get caught up in the fads.
 Everyone is beautiful in their own way and trying to look like the most relevant 20 year old lacks creativity and soul. A great hairdresser finds the beauty in YOU and builds a look around that. Accentuate the positive in YOU. Be unapologetically YOU.  Do what works for YOU. Everything else is silly and a total bore.
We love consultations. We want to really get to know YOU. We want to know what makes you feel your best, the products you use, your lifestyle and how much effort you do (or don't) want to put into your daily regimen. Without knowing who YOU are, we can not do our magic. The Local is inside a sweet lil" studio in the Salon Republic in the Burbank mall where you will be the center of attention, and we may even make you a cup of coffee or tea. Welcome to the new salon experience...intimate and all about YOU!

Well the times, they are a changin'...

TO the Local Salon


Park in the East Parking Lot (entrance is off 3rd St., just North of Magnolia). Walk in the mall entrance to the right of Burlington Coat Factory, you will enter the mall and see an arcade on the left and a nail place on the right.

Walk straight ahead till you hit
Salon Republic. Walk through the double glass doors, to room 512.

 If you arrive early or see another client in our chair, just have a seat in the hallway and we will be right with you.

If you call us we may be unable to answer your call if we are with another lovely human. Texting is always the best method to reach us  (818)763-2977.

We are always taking new clients so if you are looking for an incredible no further! Just fill out our new client form and one of us will get back to you with in 24-48 hours.  


I am not beautiful like you
I am beautiful like me. 

Enough with the trendy styles made up by someone who knows nothing about YOU! 
It is time to find out what makes YOU fee the most beautiful! 


Using hair color with ammonia used to be necessary in order to cover grey or to lighten darker hair. However thanks to some environmentally friendly hair care lines, we do not need that poison anymore! Repeated use of ammonia based color results in permanent damage to the hair's cuticle causing loss of moisture and becoming brittle and dry. Not to mention it burns, itches and stinks.  Chat with us about our ammonia free hair color!


Hair color is NOT a "one size fits all" world anymore!
The possibilities are endless and you never have to do the same thing twice! 
Consultations are a great way to explore your options...and they are free. Ask your stylist for a chat!

Balayage, Babylites, Ombre, Root Shade, Melt, Bronde, Semi, Demi, and So Much More...

Thank you!

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