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The Local Salon will be closing as of March 1, 2021. HOWEVER...we are still here for you and would LOVE the honor of running our fingers through your hair. Let's perhaps call this a "relocation" since we will still be doing hair with the passion and soul we have been for the past 8 years. Several of us will be "relocating" to our own individual salon suites at Salon Republic in Burbank on Magnolia (super close). The business model of a busy and crowded salon during a global pandemic did not feel responsible at this moment so we will be serving you better in a 1-on-1 environment. Read on to see how we are safely navigating through this whole new world...


TO the Local Salon


As you can see We have removed our Covid Screening form but we still ask you to wear your mask at all times when visiting us! Although we are all vaccinated, we still want to practice safety. If you are feeling sick or are exposed to anyone who is sick please be kind and reschedule your appointment.
Your hair can wait!

When you arrive for your appointment please text us your name, who you have an appointment with and at what time at (818)763-2977. When it is time for your appointment we will come and let you in at the mall entrance for Salon Republic. Please do not text us before your appointment time or call. we have to sanitize after each client and we have no waiting area in our salon suite so we appreciate your patience.

we are still taking new clients so if you are looking for an incredible stylist...search no further! Just fill out our new client form and one of us will get back to you with in 24 hours. Our new location offers a clean and very safe experience for you. 


 Rosie - stylist & founder

I am not beautiful like you
I am beautiful like me. 

Mini Local or Le Petite Local?

At our new location in beautiful Burbank, California we now offer a more intimate hair experience and the intention to make it all about YOU! Gone are the days of juggling several clients at once. The new "Local" experience is about privacy and slowing down. Our new Mini-Local or Le Petite Local is partly made of the charm from our years on Lankershim and a dash of the new. It is 3 of us, Rosie, Amy and Erinn with two stations and a fantastic musical playlist!
No receptionist, no trashy magazines and no chaos. 
And although we miss all of those things soooooo much...we are playing it safe for our health and YOURS! 
Appointments may seem to be difficult to find when looking on our online booking but it is only because we are taking more time with each client and playing it safe. If you can not find an appointment with your stylist you can always reach out to see if they can get you in or if they have cancellations. 
We are worth the wait...we promise!

Using hair color with ammonia used to be necessary in order to cover grey or to lighten darker hair. However thanks to some environmentally friendly hair care lines, we do not need that poison anymore! Repeated use of ammonia based color results in permanent damage to the hair's cuticle causing loss of moisture and becoming brittle and dry. Not to mention it burns, itches and stinks.  Chat with us about our ammonia free hair color!


"From the moment I walked into the salon I was greeted and taken care of with ease... The Local is down to earth, friendly, and all around magical."


"I have been coming to this hair salon for over a year now and every time I am there everyone is so welcoming and sweet."


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